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When women stand up, mountains move


When women stand up, mountains move

When women stand up, mountains move!

  (Spiritual) Awaken means that we take care – not only of ourselves – but of ALL that lives on our planet and the Planet itself and that we act accordingly. A Chinese proverb says « When women stand up, mountains move » And so it is. To take care and protect, our natural ability As women we have that natural ability to take care and protect our children, even if we don’t have children, that force is inherent to us. We live in very serious times. We face crises in many different areas of our lives as a collectif. And on top of that, we dispose of so many weapons, bombs and chemicals that we can destroy our living place within a few minutes. What is the purpose of that? We need to extend our natural ability not only towards our children but towards our Planet and ALL that lives upon to create a place where it is good living for ALL of us. A powerful love We need to stand up using and showing our capacity to love. That means that sometimes love says NO NO to everything that kills life including pesticides NO to injustice including economical systems enriching only their shareholders NO to intolerance including other people’s way of living NO to violence And YES to creating possibilities for ALL of us to thrive YES to healthy systems taking care of all life for the long term YES to respecting our Planet and our differences as human beings YES to peace building And taking action accordingly. When one woman stands up and others follow, mountains will move!


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